Recession is a sample from the space in between Atelier Brancusi and Centre Pompidou (Place Beaubourg, Paris).

Rumour has it that Atelier Brancusi in Paris will be demolished. Free of charge, the museum was designed as a monument, recessed into the square with trees growing in the frontyard, a service desk at the entrance and a walk around that leads visitors along four adjacent studios with Brancusi’s sculptures. As lovely as this is, it comes as no surprise that this ground in the heart of Paris is very expensive. There was a design contest several years ago to come up with a better design that carries the museum into the 21st century, showing technological innovation can change our understanding of the artist’s work and give us more/better tools to experience the vibe of the work.

I made a model of the studio on a scale of 1:40. When I was done, I was very unsatisfied. The model had an MDF rooftop that stopped all the light from coming into the alleys. So I cut it in half. In the end I was just playing with this object, that, like the real studio, looked a bit like a monument. An untimely one that is, because the studio was still there and I was already making its monument. Liberated, I went back to the computer to play around with the 3D model a bit more, and a few seconds into it, I was looking at a triangular ground sample of the ground in between Centre Pompidou and Atelier Brancusi. But where scientific ground samples hold clues about the quality of the ground, this sample hints at a universal movement of architecture being changed to meet present day demands.